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With February right around the corner, this is the ideal time to start thinking about the influx of Valentine’s arrangements and bouquets on the way. While many of us go straight to the floral blooms, it is just as important to think about the floral greens. These lush additions are more than just fillers; they add dimension, texture, and contrast. So, if you are looking to elevate this year’s standard of arrangements and bouquets, here is a list of the best floral greens for Valentine’s Day!



Also known as the lemon leaf, salal greens are a favorite because of their long life and vibrant green color. Thanks to their classic lemon shape, Salal greens neither overpower nor disappear in an arrangement. Their shape and size are the ideal balance with just about any floral bloom.



Aspidistra greens are known for their large, long, slender leaves that come in a variegated variety and solid green. It’s a hardy green that lasts longer than most, which is why its plant is known as the cast-iron plant. One of the most useful aspects of these greens is their leaves can be manipulated in many ways. The leaves can be looped, wrapped, shredded, and weaved without losing color or fraying, adding attention-grabbing texture and dimension.


The eucalyptus family of greens is packed with over 700 varieties, each with interesting shapes and colors. With so many green shades to choose from, it is no wonder they are always in demand.

Cinera Eucalyptus

For Valentine’s arrangements, the cinerea eucalyptus is delightful for arrangements on tables and arches, garlands, and bouquets. Its silvery green rounded leaves stand tall, adding height, fullness, and a refreshing fragrance. 

Seeded Eucalyptus Tinted Red

Another eucalyptus floral green for Valentine’s worth mentioning is the red-tinted seeded variety. With vivid red leaves and bunches, these floral greens are a glorious combination of color and texture, perfect for any avant-garde floral arrangement.

 Feather Eucalyptus

For a whimsical Valentine’s Day moment, consider the feather eucalyptus. Each stem is filled with slender, spear-like leaves that cover its length to create a full-bodied cascading look. These greens are handy for dramatic floral bouquets.


From a robust evergreen shrub, ruscus floral greens are versatile and study, with a long vase life. Its long, trailing stems are covered with slender, glossy, deep green leaves that dip down ever so slightly. These greens provide structure, length, and a touch of whimsy. Two of the most popular floral varieties include the Italian ruscus and the Israeli ruscus, where the latter has slightly wider leaves.


Never underestimate the popularity of this tropical green, even for Valentine’s Day. Its large glossy leaves, with distinct splits and holes, add a striking visual element to any floral arrangement. A single monstera green is enough to transform a standard arrangement and take it to new heights.

Floral Green Bouquet

Floral green bouquets are pre-made curated greens arrangements that are extremely useful to have on hand. All they require are a selection of blooms, and within a matter of seconds, a striking bouquet is ready to go.

Wrapping Up

There is no question that floral greens add all the necessary fullness and drama to any and every floral arrangement dedicated to this romantic holiday. Now that you know the best floral greens for Valentine’s Day, it’s time to start planning and ordering! Contact us for order and inquiries.


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