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When Mother’s Day rolls around, bouquets are always the go-to gift choice. But while colorful blooms are typically the first thought to spring to mind, there is one essential component that completes and complements any flower arrangement… floral greens!

They fill out bouquets, provide texture and contrast, and act as a neutral backdrop for your flowers to shine. By mixing and matching different kinds of greenery, you can create an assortment of floral arrangements that perfectly reflect the personality of every type of mom.

But how do you choose the best ones? We’ve rounded up the best floral greens that will help make this year’s floral arrangements special and unique, just like every mom!

 1. Myrtle

In Greek mythology, myrtle was considered a traditional symbol of devotion, making it the perfect bouquet addition for love-centered holidays like Mother’s Day.

With its long stems lined with glossy leaves in a stunning mid-tone green shade, myrtle adds a lush, earthy look to any floral design. It also exudes a sweet fragrance for a touch of elegance in your arrangements!

2. Bells Of Ireland

As its name suggests, the Bells of Ireland are known for their cup-shaped calyxes that resemble bells. These bells hide small white flowers that exude a light, sweet scent!

Because of their soft green color and long, slender stems, this floral green is perfect for adding height and texture to your Mother’s Day designs. The stems are hollow and can easily be shortened. Thus, capable of being incorporated into a variety of different arrangements.

3. Silver Queen

The silver queen stands out because of its soft green leaves with silvery-white tips; giving it a delicate, lace-like appearance!

Its stems are fairly short but full, making it an excellent choice for petite bouquets without overpowering it with large leaves. Just like its name suggests, this floral green adds a high-end and regal look to any arrangement. It’s perfect for the queen of your home!

4. Cleopatra Fern

What sets the Cleopatra fern apart from other types of ferns is its texture and color is that it has full, slightly serrated leaves in a vibrant green hue!

Because of its wider shape, this floral green creates a dramatic contrast against prominent blooms and broader leaves. Light and easy to bend, the Cleopatra fern can be easily twisted into different shapes to properly frame your Mother’s Day designs.

5. Aspidistra

Aspidistra’s leaves are tough, deep green, and oval shaped. It’s used primarily for larger arrangements with leaves that grow up to 4 inches!

And because of its larger size, the leaves can be cut out to create rose or other circular shapes to enhance its design. Its smooth lines and shiny green leaves work best with calla lilies to accentuate the contrast of colors. This is perfect for Bohemian-inspired Mother’s Day arrangements!

6. Italian Ruscus

If you’re looking for a classic green backdrop for your Mother’s Day flowers, then Italian Ruscus is the way to go!

With its long, trailing stem and narrow, tear-shaped leaves, this versatile greenery adds height and lateral depth to any flower arrangement. It works for both dominant-green designs, as well as dainty and serene bouquets.

7. Nagi

Also known as Asian Barberry, Nagi makes a charming rustic accent because of its reddish-brown stems and glossy, lance-shaped leaves!

 Since Mother’s Day is in May, these lush greens work well with the soft pastel palette of springtime and are best paired with pink and white roses for contrast.

Get Ready For Mother’s Day With Us!

With this list of eye-catching floral greens, you can create a one-of-a-kind look and feel for your Mother’s Day arrangements this year, and US Greens will help you get there!

At U.S. Greens, you get access to curated floral-cut greens and foliage from all around the world. We offer an array of different options for the perfect holiday arrangements and distribute them worldwide. For inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach us here at our website!


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