benefits of incorporating floral greens

Benefits of Incorporating Floral Greens into Your Floral Designs

When creating captivating floral arrangements, a crucial element often takes a backseat – the cut greens. Wholesale floral greens are the unsung heroes of the floral world, offering many benefits that can elevate your designs to new heights.

As a leading decorative floral greenery USA distributor, US Greens Corp. understands the significance of incorporating these verdant wonders into your creations.

In this blog, we delve into the numerous advantages of using wholesale floral greens, from their versatility and alignment with design trends to their role in adding color, contrast, and texture to your arrangements.

The Versatility of Floral Greens

Cut greens are very useful in design because they can be used in so many ways. They make the perfect background for different flowers and improve the overall look of your arrangement.

Whether you’re crafting a classic bouquet, a modern centerpiece, or an elaborate event decoration, wholesale floral greens provide a neutral base that complements any design theme.

You only need to find the right type of floral greens for your project. Their adaptability ensures that you can achieve subtle elegance and bold extravagance, all while maintaining a harmonious balance.

Alignment With Design Trends

Design trends in the floral industry are ever-evolving, and floral greens consistently find their place. Trends such as “Organic Elegance” and “Sustainable Chic” emphasize using natural elements in floral arrangements. Floral greens align seamlessly with these concepts, offering your designs an eco-friendly and sophisticated touch. You can effortlessly capture the essence of these contemporary trends by incorporating greens like eucalyptus, ferns, and ivy.

Playing with Color and Contrast

While flowers take the spotlight with their vibrant hues, wholesale floral greens play a vital role in enhancing the colors and contrasts in your arrangements. The subdued tones of greens create a stunning backdrop that makes the colors of your blooms pop.

Whether you’re aiming for a monochromatic masterpiece or a vivid kaleidoscope of shades, the right mix of cut greens can elevate the visual impact of your designs to astonishing levels.

Textural Intrigue

The texture is a pivotal aspect of any floral arrangement; cut greens add fascinating textural dimensions. The intricate patterns of leaves and the variations in foliage create a captivating tactile experience for both the eyes and the hands.

Incorporating a variety of textures – from the soft, velvety feel of lamb’s ear to the delicate fronds of ferns – infuses depth and tactile interest into your designs, making them visually engaging from every angle.

Enhancing Longevity

One of the remarkable benefits of incorporating floral greens into your designs is their ability to enhance the longevity of your arrangements. Cut greens like leatherleaf fern and salal are known for their exceptional vase life.

By strategically placing these wholesale floral greens in your arrangements, you can extend the overall freshness and beauty of your blooms. This ensures that your creations remain captivating for longer and adds value to your clients who seek arrangements that stand the test of time.

Budget-Friendly Elegance

Creating lush and opulent floral designs doesn’t always have to break the bank. Floral greens offer a cost-effective way to add volume and elegance to your arrangements without compromising visual impact.

These cut greens provide a lush and lavish appearance, allowing you to achieve a grandiose look even with a limited budget. Their ability to fill space and create a luxurious feel makes them an essential tool for creating high-end designs that impress without excessive costs.

Aesthetic Transition and Cohesion

Transitioning between different floral elements and blooms can sometimes be challenging to achieve smoothly. Floral greens come to the rescue by providing a cohesive bridge between various components of your arrangement.

Whether combining diverse colors or experimenting with different flower types, the consistent presence of greens maintains a seamless visual flow. This cohesive transition adds a professional touch to your designs, making them appear well-thought-out and visually appealing.

Filling Structural Gaps

Certain floral designs demand a solid structure that supports the overall form and shape of the arrangement. Floral greens, with their flexible stems and leaves, fill structural gaps and provide a sturdy foundation.

Whether working on cascading arrangements, wreaths, or arch decorations, greens like Italian ruscus and variegated pittosporum can be manipulated to achieve the desired shape and structure, ensuring your creations maintain their intended form.

Natural Camouflage

Incorporating floral greens into your arrangements isn’t just about enhancing aesthetics; it’s also about cleverly concealing mechanics. Using greens strategically can help hide the mechanics that hold your arrangement together, such as floral foam, wire, and tape.

This natural camouflage creates an illusion of effortless beauty, making your designs appear organically composed and enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Final Thought

In the world of floral design, the inclusion of floral greens is a transformative choice that brings versatility, trendiness, color enhancement, contrast, and textural intrigue to your creations.

As you embark on your floral design journey, remember that these greens are more than just background fillers – they are essential elements that elevate your arrangements into art.

US Greens is your partner in procuring the finest floral-cut greens and flowers to fuel your creative endeavors. To explore the vast range of possibilities of floral gardens, visit our website or contact us for more information.


Choosing the Right Floral Greens for Your Arrangements: Expert Tips from a Supplier

Choosing the Right Floral Greens for Your Arrangements: Expert Tips from a Supplier

Tired of your flower arrangements looking dull, and boring? Are you craving that special touch that gives every arrangement depth and texture? Listen, we get it. It can be incredibly frustrating, trying to create an arrangement that stands out and just wows your clients.

But don’t worry. As an expert floral greens supplier, we have the proven track record to help make your arrangement stand out and shine. With our industry insider knowledge, we can show you every step to achieving that special touch. We wrote this article just for you.

No fluff, only concise information; all to get you started immediately -if you don’t have any questions – we can with our top 7 expert tips for recreating the special arrangement with that unique “freshness” quality you want in every arrangement.

Expert Tips from a Supplier:
1) Contrast
Contrast is about giving your arrangement volume and subtlety. Let’s say, you were working with red roses. The contrast that you will naturally create when you add floral greens are already fantastic but if you truly want your arrangement to stand out, add a selection of floral greens with texture and depth such as ti red, robellini, or accordion palm. These add subtlety and volume.

2) Size
Contrast isn’t the only factor to consider when perfecting an arrangement – size matters too. For example, maybe you want a wildflower bouquet, when you add wispy grasses to your arrangement, you give it a rustic, natural, bold feel. Good floral greens would be Davalia ferns, areca palms, or cordyline tips.

3) Colors
The idea behind colors is simple. Never overwhelm, always compliment, and use only 2-3 colors.

Here’s an example of how to effectively use 2-3 colors:
⦁ Observe this ⦁ picture – notice how there are only 2-3 colors
⦁ The main color is white, with light green and green as complementing colors
⦁ Even with abundant of floral greens, it never overwhelms but compliments the main color

4) Seasonal
There are certain floral greens that look phenomenal in Summer and some better in Autumn. When you theme your arrangement according to the season, you create an arrangement that is sustainable and affordable for all.

5) Scent
From colors to sizes, to even seasons, you have to also consider scent. This approach not only requires all the previous expert tips but must enhance and center on the scent of your main piece e.g. red roses. Every color, every texture, and every size has got that “bigger than life” quality.

6) Occasion
An occasion can be a holiday, a birthday, an anniversary, or a special day. When you create an arrangement based on an occasion, the floral greens that you use have to match the theme of that occasion. For example, if this occasion is tropical-related then ferns are a good idea but if it’s a Bohemian wedding, use eucalyptus or similar.

7) Mix & Match
Whether it’s for an occasion or seasonal, the ultimate expert tip from the mix and match a wide selection of different shapes, sizes, complimentary colors, and textures all to better center in the theme that you are creating. Similar to when a peacock spreads its feathers, its body is the central focus. Everything else compliments the body. Notice how in this picture even when there is so much green. It complements and emboldens the blue peacock.

From expert tips to the best floral greens available. Achieving that unique look that gives every arrangement a vibrant freshness that’s sure to mesmerize and stun every who sees them has never been easier. US Greens is here to ensure that you achieve your vision and create the best floral arrangements. Buy direct from us, to order and even more information, please contact us.

wholesale floral greens

How to Choose the Best Cut Green Varieties for Floral Projects?

Choosing suitable cut green varieties is important when creating exquisite floral arrangements. Wholesale floral greens offer diverse options that can add texture, color, and volume to your floral projects. At US Greens Corp., a leading worldwide distributor of floral-cut greens and flowers, we understand the importance of selecting the best-cut greens for your designs. This article will guide you through choosing the ideal cut green varieties for your floral projects, ensuring your arrangements are visually captivating and long-lasting.

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The Best Floral Greens for a Summer Wedding

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Right Floral Greens for Your Arrangements

Choosing the Right Floral Greens for Your Arrangements:Expert Tips from a Supplier

As a wholesaler selling to florists, you understand the importance of creating stunning and unique flower arrangements that stand out. However, it can be challenging to achieve that perfect look without the right floral greens. At US Greens Corp, we specialize in providing expert knowledge on choosing the best greens for your arrangements. We’ve put together this article with our top 7 expert tips to help you achieve that wow factor your clients are looking for.

's Day Arrangements and Bouquets

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With February right around the corner, this is the ideal time to start thinking about the influx of Valentine’s arrangements and bouquets on the way. While many of us go straight to the floral blooms, it is just as important to think about the floral greens. These lush additions are more than just fillers; they add dimension, texture, and contrast. So, if you are looking to elevate this year’s standard of arrangements and bouquets, here is a list of the best floral greens for Valentine’s Day!

Best Floral Greens for the Fall Season

Best Floral Greens for the Fall Season

Greenery and foliage are sometimes thought of as secondary items when arranging flowers. However, decorative floral greens build the foundation for any arrangement or bouquet and add texture, depth, and color. Many are now opting for all-green bouquets. The following are some of the best decorative floral greens for the fall season – they’re sure to take any fall arrangement to the next level.

Top Floral Greens for Weddings This Year

Top Floral Greens for Weddings This Year

When most people think of wedding décor, their mind immediately jumps to flowers. However, floral greens are just as important and can turn a floral arrangement or installation from pretty to breath taking. In fact, floral greens are foundations upon which florists and floral designers build their creations, adding both texture and depth to arrangements.


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