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When planning the floral décor vision for a dream wedding, lush decorative greens serve as the perfect organic backdrop to highlight arrangements. The right assortment of foliage shapes, textures, and colors elevates any combination of flowers or accents to new heights of natural artistry. This guide from US Greens spotlights ten must-have varieties of greens to take your wedding floral designs over the top.

1. Cymbidium Greens

The vibrant green leaves of the Cymbidium orchid overflow with rich texture. With delicate ruffles along the edges, these gorgeous greens burst like fountains around floral focal points. Cymbidium foliage brings movement and Eucalyptus-like dimension without overwhelming nearby blooms.

2. Salal Greens

The glossy leaves of the Salal shrub emit an intense emerald hue. Salal remains one of the most popular leafy greeneries for building full, bushy texture within arrangements and décor. Use its hardy branches across centerpieces, altar designs, archways, wreaths, and more as an abundant filler green.

3. Israeli Ruscus

Sometimes called ‘lace fern,’ the whimsical Israeli Ruscus flaunts intricate, spade-shaped leaves that resemble exotic feathers. Add airy height and volume – along with a pop of vibrancy to contrast pale hues. Ruscus’s limber stems allow for shaping wreaths, garlands, and table runners.

4. Red Hypericum Berries

While technically an evergreen shrub, Hypericum’s claim to fame lies in its plump scarlet berries and petite olive foliage. Sprinkle sprigs into autumnal or winter wedding décor for striking color contrast against white blooms and darker greens. Let these bright beads become glittering “Jewels” sparkling in arrangements.

5. Magnolia Greens

The brilliant Southern Magnolia tree yields generous oblong leaves with a leathery look on top and fuzzy underside. These iconic greens symbolize beauty, strength, and perseverance – ideal for wedding floral statements. Mix Magnolia branches into designs of all sizes to deliver rich substance and sheen.

6. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus remains a top choice floral greens, coveted for its diverse sizing and shapes. The striking blue-gray Silver Dollar variety offers loose, wide rounds with a cool mint hint – almost resembling silvery coinage. Contrast Silver Dollar sprays against warm flowers or deeper greens for an intriguing interplay.

7. Emerald Palm Fronds

Dark, feather-shaped Palm leaves instill an exotic tropical vibe. Striking Emerald Palm fans make strong linear and geometric statements arranged in rows or clusters. Take inspiration from lush Palm trees swaying near beach nuptial sites to recreate a similar ambiance anywhere.

8. Redwood Vine Maple

The tiny, deep green Redwood Maple leaves blanket wispy burgundy stems, delivering delicate lacy layers. Redwood Maple filler foliage softens arrangements with ethereal volume. Its versatile, trailing shape flatters wreaths, arches, chandeliers, table garlands, and more.

9. Lily Grass

Fine strands of rolling Lily Grass resemble threads of green yarn. These whimsical wild strands add loose texture and movement. Lily Grass flows beautifully in freeform table arrangements or is tossed with abandon through floral ice bowls and overflowing containers.

10. Seeded Eucalyptus

Seeded Eucalyptus branches strike an elegant tone with cascading glossy leaves and attached clusters of plump, brown seed pods. Positioned among white roses or peonies, the gorgeous gold and chocolate color combination heightens the visual feast. Seeded Eucalyptus expresses natural abundance – perfect for matrimonial celebrations!

The assortment of greens sets the overall tone for wedding flowers and decor. For the widest selection of decorative greens and custom cutting for events, contact the experts at US Greens Corp at www.usgreenscorp.com. Their worldwide network provides a lush palette for designing unforgettable décor.


The versatility of foliage accents empowers boundless creativity for wedding professionals. By incorporating unique green varieties into designs, florists and decorators maximize visual elegance no matter the season or flower pairings. The decorative greenery spectrum, ranging from cool silver blue-grays to warm berry reds, enables matching any wedding palette for scene-stealing floral art.

US Greens Corp., is a trusted worldwide distributor of floral-cut greens and flowers. To explore their range of floral greens and find the perfect distributor for your Mother’s Day arrangement needs, visit US Greens Corp.’s website.


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