Mother’s Day is a celebration of love, care, and the enduring bond between a mother and her children. It’s a day to honor the woman who has been a constant source of strength and inspiration. Here at US Greens Corp, we believe that every detail of your Mother’s Day floral arrangement should be as special as the woman it’s meant for, and that includes the selection of floral greenery. Our wholesale fresh floral greens provide the perfect backdrop to any bouquet, adding texture, color, and life to that special Day gift.

The Art of Greenery Selection

The greenery in a floral arrangement is more than just filler; it’s a key component that can set the tone and enhance the overall aesthetic. Here are some insights into selecting the perfect greenery:

  • Complementing the Blooms: The right greenery complements the flowers, adding depth and contrast without overshadowing their beauty. Consider the long-lasting vibrance of Nagi, the depth provided by variegated Pittosporum, or the sturdy elegance of Italian Ruscus.
  • Texture and Volume: Greens like Leatherleaf provide a solid foundation, while Plumosums adds a delicate, airy touch. These elements contribute to a rich, dynamic composition.
  • Visual Balance: You can try mixing and matching different greens to create a harmonious balance.
  • Focal Points and Accents: Greens like Myrtle and Aspidistra create focal points or add a fragrant, meaningful touch to your arrangement.
  • Understanding the Symbolism of Greenery: When choosing greenery, it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s also about the message and symbolism behind each type of foliage. For instance, eucalyptus represents protection and is known for its healing properties, making it a thoughtful addition to a Mother’s Day bouquet. Ferns symbolize sincerity and can add a heartfelt touch to your arrangement. By selecting greens with meaningful symbolism, you can add a deeper level of personalization and sentiment to your gift.

Expert Insights

Our experts at US Greens Corp. suggest considering the longevity and durability of your chosen greens. Many, like salal and leather leaf, remain fresh for a longer period thus vibrant if you have plans that last beyond the special day.

Creative Combinations

Experiment with non-traditional arrangements by mixing different types of greenery. For example, combining the feathery fronds of Plumosus with the glossy leaves of Leatherleaf can create a striking contrast.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

We are committed to sustainability. Our greens are sourced responsibly, ensuring that your special day arrangement is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly.

Incorporating Tradition and Trends

While traditional greens like ferns and myrtle remain popular, contemporary trends also embrace exotic greens such as monstera leaves and succulents for a modern feeling. These bold choices can make a statement and reflect a mother’s unique personality.

Personalizing Your Arrangement

Personalization is key. Consider your mother’s favorite colors, scents, and styles when selecting greens. This thoughtful touch will make your arrangement truly one-of-a-kind.


This Mother’s Day, let US Greens Corp. be your guide in selecting the perfect greenery for your floral arrangement. Our wide selection of wholesale greenery ensures that you can create a gift that celebrates the beauty of motherhood in all its forms. Visit our blog for more inspiration or contact us for more information on our products and services. Order your flowers now by visiting our website.



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