Best Floral Greens for the Fall Season

Greenery and foliage are sometimes thought of as secondary items when arranging flowers. However, decorative floral greens build the foundation for any arrangement or bouquet and add texture, depth, and color. Many are now opting for all-green bouquets. The following are some of the best decorative floral greens for the fall season – they’re sure to take any fall arrangement to the next level.

1. Agonis

Agonis’ purple or dark burgundy color makes it the perfect decorative floral green for the fall. In addition to complementing other fall colors, it can add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral bouquet or arrangement. Its thin, long leaves make it great for centerpieces, arrangements, and bouquets.

2. Millet Grass

This dried grass is a favorite amongst those who love the rustic style. It adds texture and depth to any tall flower arrangement and is excellent as a filler. Millet grass can be added to dried floral bouquets or added in with fresh flowers for variety and visual interest.

3. Tinted Fall Copper Beech

Copper beech, also known as the purple beech, is a beautiful decorative floral green. The leaves are Torpedo-shaped, coppery in color, and grow up to 2cm in length. They have a distinctive criss-cross pattern, making them ideal for floral bouquet arrangements.

4. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are iconic, beautiful, easy-to-grow plants native to North and South America. They are famous for their large flower heads and are used for ornamental purposes. Sunflowers thrive in the sun and are not picky about the soil type.

No matter what type of bouquet or arrangement you’re designing, there’s no denying that decorative floral greens are essential building blocks that make florals stand out. U.S. Greens Corps distributes decorative floral greens worldwide and ensures all greens delivered are high-quality and fresh. Reach out to us here to view our competitive prices and delivery options.


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