Top Floral Greens for Weddings This Year

When most people think of wedding décor, their mind immediately jumps to flowers. However, floral greens are just as important and can turn a floral arrangement or installation from pretty to breath taking. In fact, floral greens are foundations upon which florists and floral designers build their creations, adding both texture and depth to arrangements.

From silver dollar to seeded eucalyptus, there are many options for floral greens out there. However, every year, some greenery is deemed the best and most trendy for that year. In this article, we have outlined the best floral greens for weddings taking place in 2022.

Monstera leaves are extremely popular this year because of the tropical vibe, so many brides embrace. With palm spears, orchids, and birds of paradise being so trendy, it’s no wonder that monstera leaves have joined their rank. The full palm size makes this unique floral green suitable for bouquets, centrepieces, hanging arrangements and installations, and even smaller table arrangements. Some brides and designers have even used monstera leaves as place settings!

Alocasia is a beautiful foliage option for weddings because of the large, patterned leaves. These unique, patterned leaves with crinkled edges make alocasia particularly trendy this year. With so many people straying away from the norm and wanting to inject personality into their wedding décor, alocasia leaves act as the perfect way to do so.

Nagi consists of full leaves, making it great for bouquets and arrangements that need bulk. In addition to being easy to work with, nagi has structural, pointed leaves, giving it a much more unique look than classics like silver dollar. Since nagi comes in large bunches with multiple sprigs, it is used for larger and smaller arrangements. It’s also very hardy, making it great for longer weddings.

Silver Dollar
Silver dollar is a go-to floral green by many brides and designers. Its delicate round leaves and differing shades make it great as an accent. Because of its cascading stems, silver dollar is often used in cascading bouquets, in large floral installations, and as table greenery. Because of its hue, silver dollar is great for winter weddings and weddings with pastel color palettes.

Seeded Eucalyptus
Seeded eucalyptus is always in demand for weddings. As one of the most popular floral greens out there, the almond-shaped leaves and the beautiful dusty color ensure that seeded eucalyptus is a great pairing for almost every single flower. It’s especially popular for bridal bouquets and as a filler flower to add texture and greenery.

Parvifolia consists of small, delicate leaves that add plenty of texture and fragrance to any arrangement or bouquet without overpowering it. This delicate floral green is used in arrangements, garlands, and even wreaths because of its versatility, but is especially perfect for smaller bouquets. Additionally, it looks good with most flower varieties, making it the perfect accent greenery.
These are some of the most popular floral greens for weddings this year and must-haves for florists and wholesalers to have in stock. Get wholesale floral greens at affordable prices here.

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