Deluxe Noble Wreath

As the Christmas season approaches, you will see more festive-themed floral arrangements. There is no question that holiday floral dΓ©cor really brings that holiday spirit to any space. This is why, every year without fail, Christmas floral greens are the floral greens of choice for creating show-stopping holiday wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces.

The look, feel, and fragrance of Christmas floral greens really bring life and vibrancy to a space, elevating it while keeping that holiday cheer. From pines to cedars, read on to learn about the classic Christmas floral greens that will never go out of style.


With its spindly needles and upward-reaching branches, pine is one of the most popular Christmas floral greens. Though they tend to have fewer branches than other types of trees, they still give a grand look. There are a few varieties of pine, including white pine and princess pine.

White Pine

White Pine floral green

White pine is the quintessential Christmas floral green with its long, swooping needles that give a luscious full look and bright, refreshing scent. These white pine tips are most commonly used in mantles, staircases, and table garlands and centerpieces.

Princess Pine

Princess Pine floral green

Princess pine, also known as club moss or ground pine, has club-like needles that are stiffer and shorter. Even though the needles are not as long as other varieties like white pine, they add a fuzzy, unique texture and depth to any Christmas floral arrangement.


Cedars are known for their wide, spreading branches and smaller, thicker needles that cover more of the length of the stem, giving a fuller look. These floral greens have a deep, woody aroma, and come in a selection of varieties such as Port Orford, Western Red, and Incense.

Port Orford

Port Orford Cedar floral green

Port Orford floral greens are denser with short flat needles that cover most of the stem. They stand relatively straight and have a slightly bluish tinge to them, which is more visible near the tips of the needles.

Western Red

Western Red Cedar Floral Green

Western Red floral greens are flatter with their needles spread out in a fan-like array that curves downwards. From above, the leaves are bright green, while below, they are dark, giving a beautiful two-tone effect that contrasts with its red-hued stem.


Incense Cedar Floral Green

With its dense, heavy foliage, short scale-like needs, and bright yellow buds that adorn its ends, these Incense greens add just the right pop of color.

Deluxe Noble Wreath

Deluxe Noble Wreath

This classic wreath is a Christmas stable. Made with two varieties of floral greens, this wreath is bright and fragrant. While it looks quite beautiful on its own, it can also be used as a base to make a splendid wreath with the addition of other floral greens and decorative elements.


Garlands are an important part of Christmas decorating. These runners are extremely versatile and make the perfect base for any holiday theme. Popular varieties include single Cedar and mixed Cedar and Douglas.


Cedar Garland

The cedar garland is made entirely of cedar floral greens that lay on top of one another, spreading out to give a flatter, full appearance.  It can be used on its own for a stunning winterland appearance or mixed with other greens to create a unique look.

Mixed (Cedar & Douglas)

Mixed Cedar & Douglas Garland

This garland intertwines the flat fullness of cedar floral greens with the Douglas fir greens that have longer, lighter green needles that spiral around its stem.

Parting Words

From pine to cedar, these evergreens are the perfect base and filler for any holiday arrangement. With their rich forest colors and deep aroma, nothing says Christmas more than these glorious holiday floral greens.


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